Veda Well is about finding balance through multiple modalities of bodywork, breath, yoga, treatments, remedies.

Ayurveda is the “science of life” or the “science of self healing”.  “Veda” means knowledge and “Ayus” means self.  Ayurveda is a science based in elemental theory.

Veda Well is a place for nourishment, acceptance and vitality.

Veda Well is about supporting people in their journey to their best health.  Ayurveda is a wonderful tool that does empower.  It gives us options in lifestyle choices that give us more than sustainability.  It gives us an opportunity to Thrive!

One Perspective of Jenny’s
Somewhere in the development of my life, I began to see people as living works of art. The idea of humans as art began to unfold while I did my own soul searching.  I had appreciated traditional art in paintings, music, and theater, at an early age.   One day I stumbled across an article that talked about the human mind, and how everything that comes into this world, comes in through thought first.  (I don’t remember the author to that article, but it changed the way I saw people). It occurred to me that creativity was involved in nearly everything we are surrounded by, not just the paintings or music, but the spoons, salt shakers, pens and anything we see. I began to experience a deeper appreciation for the creative process that is within each of us.

It is my wish through yoga, bodywork, pulse reading and more that we deepen the connection to our selves.  From this place of deep connection, we allow ourselves a potential to be what we need to be and create more of what we want for ourselves and our world.

Me@Dhyana Center 2010


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