Pulse Reading Consultation
A pulse reading session is a therapeutic session of exploration. It can be used to explore the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual body.  The pulse can indicate ones individual birth constitution of Vata, Pitta or Kapha (and or the unique blend of these doshas).   Put simply, the pulse can tell us what is in balance or out of balance.

If we find an imbalance on the pulse, we discuss possible solutions to help us create balance in those areas. If we choose to explore the birth constitution, we look at how to hold balance and thrive in the birth constitution. Solutions are to fit individual needs and this process is co-creating something that resonates for the individual.

Pulse reading is another way of listening to the messages that the body is already delivering.

The Pulse reading tool that Jenny uses is a Tibetan and Ayurvedic science taught by DeAnna Badtorff at the dyhana Center in Sebastapol, CA.  Sessions range from $85 – 120.  Donation clinics are available at the dhyana Center in Sebastapol, CA and a few times a month with Jenny in Pleasant Hill.

Jenny uses a blend of styles when working with clients. She personalizes each session to fit the needs of the individual.  Currently she uses two main modalities. One is Ayurvedic Massage practiced most in Sebastapol at the Dhyana Center. Ayurvedic Massage uses one cup of medicated oil per body along with tools to help flush the lymph.  Two is Thai Massage practiced most in Pleasant Hill at Christie and Company. In Thai massage, the client wears comfortable clothes, and is taken into many yoga positions to stretch muscles.  This modality works consciously with joints.  Both massages tend to “wake up” tissues of the body to help with deep releasing.
Jenny has also had training in Swedish massage, Polarity therapy, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy, Reiki and often blends these other techniques in her body work 2

Jenny has taught Yoga for more than six years and has been personally practicing since sixteen years.  She blends different styles of yoga to bring awareness and connection to oneself. One of her most common focuses in a yoga class is the simplicity of deepening the breath.
She teaches a Monday morning yoga class at 8:45am at the Walnut Creek Active 24 hour fitness gym. She periodically subs at Indigo Yoga and Pilates.  Jenny does offer private yoga lessons in her practice. 

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