Hope for Something Bigger…. A Grant?

Last month I unexpectedly found myself face to face with what seemed to be a teaser at the ATM.  It was an advertisement for a small business grant.  100,000 Grant.  My first reaction was “How Cool is this?” and I thought of a few businesses who could benefit from it.  A part of me wanted it, but I initially brushed it off.   I usually brush off most advertisements, but this one caught my eye about three times, so I did pass on the information to a few friends I thought might like to apply.  One freind in particular turned around and basically said “Why are you sending this to me….You should apply!” And when I took the idea seriously, I had a week to apply.

As life would have it I managed to complete the application a few hours before the final deadline.

The application process gave me an opportunity to think bigger about what Veda Well is and what I had hoped for it.  The idea of a grant gives hope for making changes I didn’t think were possible right now, or this year.  The idea of this grant, gave me motivation I didn’t expect.  I’ve been met with so much support from community and friends.

I now need 250 votes before June 19…. I don’t know if I will make it to the next level, as there are 2 days left to vote…. but I am reaching out to as many people as I can, and thankfully, Chase made it easy to vote….so….

If you or anyone you know is open and willing…please, please, please vote at


Search for Jenny Rinne and click vote (the name Veda Well will be official in a month)

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You….to everyone who voted and will vote and for those that believed in me when I wasn’t so sure.

Much Love, Light and Gratitude

Helping Communities

Call or email me if your interested in helping this Community at its event this Saturday June 13 from 3-6.



For those who don’t know, another big earthquake struck again (May 13) , damaging our DCWC Rajbash Hospital, which has been spearheading relief efforts in the region. Seventy percent of the houses in the village are down and there are still devastated villages that have yet to be reached.

We are honored that Grammy award winner, singer-songwriter

STEVE SESKIN will be headlining our concert!

Plus Other Musicians (TBA)

                                   Suggested donation: $50/person

(checks made out to Global Giving with 20500 in Memo)

bring a snack and beverage to share