Make a Difference Monday’s

Last year, I did a short series of wellness classes called “Make a Difference Monday’s”

Its intention was to inspire healthy wellness practices for people.  It was a donation based class and when the idea came forward so did the fires up in Northern California. I decided this money would be “paid forward” to someone in need.

A dear practitioner named Stacey Pfiefer, nearly lost her home in Middletown, California. She managed to get out with her cat when evacuation calls were happening. Flames seemed to engulf the whole area as she looked back. It was a couple of weeks before she could return, and she was lucky her home still stood, but so many around her had fallen.

She offered bodywork for free when she could to help those around her who lost so much.

The donations from “Make a Difference Monday’s” went to Stacey Pfiefer, and she paid it forward to someone in need, who also does good work in the world.

Thank you to all of you who were able to make it and who contributed to this short series. Your attendance made it possible for me to stay inspired in this wellness work I love, and Stacey and her client also send their gratitude for the contributions made.  Namaste!